Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Watching

Are you watching me? because this only works
If you are watching me, closely observing me,
Not only listening but also seeing my every gesture.

Fragments of the wind collect inside us,
Creating a vortex that tears down the throne of
Exalted light upon which we try to fix our attention.

So, we suppose, we each write our own story
For ourself, even though the prospect of stardom
Is what brings us to the TV and fuels our explosions.

What I am saying is that we feel the same,
Or similarly, or else, I am an alien from outer-space,
Looking at you through the flat screen.

Behind me, I have set up a camera
To film the camera on my computer filming
Me watching my own podcast on the internet.

Burning through everything is the light
Of the stars, the light of the speed-of-light,
As is careens insanely into our pupils.