Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Religious Verses of the Mystic

I. Emptiness
I love Emptiness the way I love God.
Emptiness — from which Form arises and dissolves —
I supplicate myself to All-Good Emptiness,
And ever abide in Her shimmering luminosity.

II. The Non-dual View
Form is Emptiness and Emptiness is Form,
These words are the perfection of wisdom.
In other words, God and His Creation are One,
Each moment is His spontaneous expression.

III. Wisdom & Compassion
To ascend the ladder of Goodness and Truth
Is Wisdom, to descend the ladder is Compassion.
To meet minds where each mind is, to begin
Each conversation with another's first thought.

IV. Eternal Recurrence (or Samsara)
Time is infinite, matter is finite, therefore,
The causally determined configurations of space
Will recur perpetually, cyclically; in other words,
“Great, that means I’ll have to sit through the Ice Capades again.”

V. Egolessness
Self or ego is the root of both evil and suffering.
As on a cross, I am nail-driven, as a lamb, burned,
For when I rest in Spirit or Emptiness, I am no longer,
When I transcend to formless mysticism, I is not.

VI. Transcendence
To transcend is to leap to the next concentric circle
Of spiritual evolution, and this transcendence includes
The previous circle or view; in other words, I need not
Abandon my love of God to embrace Spirit-in-action.

VII. Spirit
Henceforth, Emptiness and Form, or God and
His Creation, are called Spirit, or Spirit-in-action,
In my book of pennypomes and heartsongs,
In my verses that sing from this joyful tower.