Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Self-Portrait in a Cup of Coffee

The coffee mug is a coffee
Mug. Nothing doing otherwise
On this humdrum Monday,
No moods in the grey clouds.
What is this, porcelain?

The mugs who know too much
Shudder to open their mouths.
The red magician flashily says,
“Viola, I give you the real!”
Who knows his tricks?

I rise and refill the coffee mug,
Feel my caffeine level surging.
The scientist screams cortisol,
And adrenaline & dopamine!
Who is the hero here?

Today’s character development
Arced from lazy & despairing
To inspired & creative, ending
In who knows what blue insights.
Which colors color the days?

The heat is felt on the tongue,
As the fingers grip the handle.
Somewhere my story is being
Spun by undisciplined pink lips.
What is out there listening?